Steam Rolled

Rules of Play:

Players take turns attacking each other until one runs out of health. On your turn, take a d6 per attack point and group these into pools as few as two dice. Declare the number and size of your attack pools before rolling. The defender receives a d6 per point of defense. For any die (attack or defense) that rolls a 6, the die “explodes” and that player may roll an additional die. After all dice are rolled the defender groups their dice into defense pools to block attacks; higher number wins (ties go to the defender). For each attack pool that succeeds the defender takes 1 damage.

Below you will find all four character cards for Set 0, our beta set. Set 1 will be coming shortly, as will team play rules!

Game Design: Tom Mintun and John LeBeouf-Little
Character Design: Tom Mintun, Phaedra Mintun, and John LeBeouf-Little
Card Design: Tom Mintun
Art for Set 0: Allie McCarthy

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